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Biker Bar - STOLEN!!!

Devil - 23.12.2013, 14:38
Post subject: STOLEN!!!
Could everyone please keep their eyes open for my Sister's black Honda CB1 400. Reg. No. H307 EBV.
Some sticky fingered bar steward nicked it from her driveway in Poundswick, South Manchester about 10pm yesterday.

The police have said that they will look out for it but if they recover it they'll charge her 150!!
Devil - 23.12.2013, 14:39
Post subject:
Sorry pics are a bit big, thought they were smaller than that!!!
Colin - 24.12.2013, 20:28
Post subject:
No problem, it's on the front page to. The police have a nerve to charge someone for getting the bike back!

Hope it gets back to you soon & have a great Christmas Smile
Devil - 24.12.2013, 20:52
Post subject:
Thanks Colin, don't think it'll end up this way but just on the off chance. It'll be dumped somewhere, wrecked. Apparently 3 hooded little gits were seen pushing it down the road!!
charlie - 25.12.2013, 22:37
Post subject:
there are a lot of arsoles about... hope it turns up.
bazz - 30.12.2013, 11:35
Post subject:
Poor old Jen hope she gets it back
charlie - 02.03.2014, 00:14
Post subject:
is it back home yet ?
Devil - 06.03.2014, 12:02
Post subject:
No, I think she's written it off. I'm still looking for blood though.
It's the only bike I've sat on which I had a chance of being able to ride!!

I might never find the bike but I'll find the thieving little gits, I have my suspicions it's just a matter of time and patience!!!

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
charlie - 06.03.2014, 20:52
Post subject:
aye, bye yer time, what goes around comes around...

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